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Lifetime of a Garage Door

A lot of customers ask, why did my garage door break? I thought these things are supposed to last forever? Well the truth is it can be a confusing and often complicated answer and question. Doors don't last for X amount of years but instead are measured based on cycles, which can vary home to home or business to business. A cycle is each time a garage door goes up and down. Every set of springs is rated based on how many cycles the door will go through.

Every time your door is down your garage door is under load. Meaning that when the door is down the tension has the most pressure while the door is in the down position causing the door additional stress. This can also affect the longevity and durability of your door.

When selecting the right kind of door it is always recommended to keep in mind the material of the door, the type of opener you may want to use and the cycle life of the springs. This can ensure that your door will last longer and look its best. It is also recommended that you do routine maintenance to do your door to ensure all of the working parts are in order. For further reading check out the article below featured in Popular Mechanics.

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