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Routine Door Maintenance

One of the services we offer is Routine Maintenance of Garage doors. I want to talk about why this is important to do Maintenance and how often it should be done.

  • Routine Maintenance should be done at least once a year on residential garage doors.

  • Unless the door is detached then the door should be maintained twice a year because of temperature changes that affect the equiptment.

  • Keeping your equiptment properly maintained will assure that your equiptment will stay in operating condition and will let your equitment have a longer life span.

  • Routine maintenance includes adjustment of door and parts, lubrication and making sure that there are no broken or bent parts on the door.

  • If you have an opener that is covered under routine maintenance and making sure that no belts or chains have worn out.

  • We do charge for replacement parts but routine maintenance is offered at one low cost to customers starting at $79.

  • Remember that is key to keep every part of your door in working order so that we can help prevent emergency service. Your door is more likely to stick or break if it is not adjusted on a regular basis.


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