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Choosing the Right Garage Door Opener

When choosing the right garage door opener there are a few question that you have to ask before selecting the correct opener for your door. How tall is your garage door? Is it a one or two car garage? Is there low head room? Is the garage attached or detached? Do you want the latest in garage door technology? Do you need more than one remote? Do you want keyless entry? There are a lot of questions and each question tells us what we need to do.

The height of your garage door is important, it tells us what height of opener we need to get in order for your door to be opened up properly. Make sure you take measurements in order to obtain the correct opener. If you have a two car garage you may need a more heavy duty opener in order to lift the heavier door.

If you have low head room you may need to order a specific type of opener in order for you door to open correctly, this is often an opener called a jackshaft. You may also not have proper head room to install an opener so it is very important to take proper measurements and differentiate between low head room and not enough. If your garage is attached and needs to have a quieter operation then you would look into belt or screw drive openers because they offer the quietest operation. Chain drive openers are loud and lower in cost so they are perfect for detached openers.

If you want to have a smart phone friendly opener then there are options for you to sync you door up with your phone. Using your phone as a remote is sometimes preferable so that you can share your information and sync up the opener with multiple family members. Figuring out how many remotes you want is important because it dictates how many transmitters you will need for your opener. A keyless entry is also a way to customize the way you access your garage door.

This can be a confusing process and choosing the right opener can be stressful. If you want help installing or have any questions that were not mentioned on this blog post feel free to contact our office and we would be happy to help you navigate this issue. We can install and prepare your garage door for installation of a new opener.

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