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When to Repair or Replace?

It is difficult to figure out whether to repair or replace your door or opener. The question get asked to us every day and we use a general rule of thumb. We don't want to replace an item if it can be repaired. We ask, can it be fixed? Is the equipment obsolete causing issues in getting parts? Normally you can get a part for a door if it is under 15 years old but after that time, parts can be hard to come by. If the part is bent too badly and will cause the door to malfunction then replacement is recommended. If you have to have a part replaced we will always try to be straight with you. Sometimes replacement is cheaper than repair because the time needed to complete the repair out weights the cost. For instance if you hit your garage door with your SUV and caused significant damage to the door it would be more costly to replace sections and straighten out the tracks and balance the door. Replacing the door means that you would get all new parts and the door would balance better. The technicians are trained to see the tipping point in which repair is the best option or replacement it the way to go.

The picture shows a door that was hit by a car. Since the car was hit low on the door and at a lower impact speed, the door only needs the lower sections replaced. The door didn't have any damage to the tracks or unbalance the door. This is an example of how you can determine if it is better to repair or replace.


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